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Submission requirements / guide 


1. In a doc file include a written description explaining the intent of your project as in no more than 1000 words. Make sure you also state the following details:


Student Name



Course Title



2. All images, drawings, photos, and graphical content must be sent separately in .jpg file format. (150 dpi) and should not overcome 10 for each project.


3.Create a folder and put all the above material, then name it with your name.


4. Zip the folder and send it using one of the following methods:

a) Submit the material using the form on the submission page

b) Send us an email at 

c) Send us the material using dropbox link


Attention! For research theses and dissertations to include at least one image, drawing, photo or any other kind of graphical content in .jpg file format. (150 dpi) to be used as a cover of your project.


By sending material to us, you state that you agrre that we have the right to publish the material in our website and social media.