Project 10


12DEC 2022
# TITLE: Project 10
# STUDENTS: F.Koutsoura, D.Mpontziou, S.Tziourta
# SUPERVISOR: K.Ioanidis
# DATE: 2022
# COURSE: Design Studio 8
# SCHOOL / DEPARTMENT: School of Architecture, AUTH

With the main concern of the project being the integration of communal living within the dense urban environment of Thessaloniki, the new apartment building that we propose at the crossroads of Ethnikis Amynis and Tsimiskis streets replaces the open-air parking lot that currently operates on the site.

The aim was to combine residence, workspace and retail in a building program, which also allows the southern part of the site to accommodate an open park.

The relationship of the site with the streets that surround it and the visual escapes in the dense urban environment led to the research of the parts of the area that are most affected by this. Using the smaller roads that notionally cross the field as a starting point, we created a grid that was applied to the plot. As control points the ones with the highest urban activity, the grid was compressed and created crucial parts of the composition that will host the most important functions of the new complex. The main objective is forming a square towards Dagli Street, the most peaceful street adjacent to the site.

The location of the complex on the site is strategic, in order to make the most of its commercial aspect but also to create a square at the back with extensive planting. The plot is not fenced and has direct visual contact with the main streets thanks to the ground-floor arcades. Passing through the complex, one enters an organized garden. The public facilities are located on the lower floors, while the residences take up most of the southern side of the complex. Finally, the top level offers use related to gathering and entertainment for both residents and visitors.