Architectural Design 6 Wave


30MAR 2021
# TITLE: Architectural Design 6 Wave
# STUDENTS: Lygerou Emmanouela , Duka Foteini
# SUPERVISOR: Giorgos Parmenidis , Ifigeneia Mari ,Nikos Kourniatis, Chrysoula Karadima ,Venetia Molin
# DATE: 2018
# COURSE: Architectural Design 6 ,small scale construction- building - space - object
# SCHOOL / DEPARTMENT: School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens

the construction of leisure

alongshore zone of piraeus

The study area is located on the coast of Themistocleous, Louviari bay - Skafaki, Kathreptis - which is surrounded by the remains of the conical wall.
Through the analysis of the plot, we distinguished three levels, and in them ,three different sound qualities were observed.
At the first and highest point, we only hear the sound of cars - chaos.
In the second, intermediate stage, the noise of cars and the sea prevails - it was said.
In the third and final level, the sound comes only from the sea that erupts on the rocks-wave.

These three levels follow the flow of the conical wall, creating a path through time and historicity.

According to this logic, we tried to give a form and a spatial arrangement to our construction.

With a length of 170 meters, the construction opens and closes in the form of a wave.

The entrance is made from a zero height element that welcomes him from the street level and begins to rise above the visitor, while this logic is repeated towards the escape of the sea. Constructively this flow is highlighted through a skeleton. This skeleton consists of 92 parallel wooden cross-sections with a distance of two meters which are characterized by curved elements which start from a radius of 3 to 5 meters (minimum and maximum cross-section). Inside the construction there are plateaus which n the visitor to wander both inside and outside the construction.

The visitor begins his journey from the first level with an open counterclockwise movement of the sections, ending in the closed parts of the shell. It is then led to the intermediate sound level where the construction begins to open on the reverse side giving it a different field of view and sound, towards the sea and the highway.
Continuing the route, the cross sections complete the cycle again, creating a closed space. The opportunity given to him to close after every different sound quality in his shell offers the feeling of acoustic pause. In the final opening of the sections the visitor is left to the sea and listening to it, reaching the third and last level.

The visitor wanders in a living organism with different sound qualities, finally reaching his drum, his speaker.

[...]Alone also with the horizon. The waves come from the invisible East, patiently, one by one; they reach us, and then, patiently, set off again for the unknown West, one by one. A long voyage, with no beginning and no end. … Rivers and streams pass by, the sea passes and remains. This is how we must love it, faithful and fleeting. I wed the sea.

“The Sea Close By” - Albert Camus