Outdoor Configurations and Constructions along the Kosynthos River in Xanthi


10OCT 2020
# TITLE: Outdoor Configurations and Constructions along the Kosynthos River in Xanthi
# STUDENTS: Zachou Despoina, Papadaki Efthymia
# SUPERVISOR: Polychronopoulos Dimitrios
# DATE: 2020
# COURSE: Diploma Design Thesis
# SCHOOL / DEPARTMENT: Democritus University of Thrace Faculty of Architecture


The river Kosynthos originates from the Central Rhodope Mountains and flows after 55 kilometers to the northern part of Lake Vistonida. Kosynthos has played a conclusive role in the evolution of the city. Unfortunately, over the years it seems that rivers value has been neglected by residents. Main concern of the design is the reintegration of the river into the daily life, as well as highlighting the flora of the area.

The location of the site in relation to the urban fabric, the center, the old town, as well as the rest of the riverside area, provides some basic guidelines for the design.

The need for outdoor activities and contact with the river results in the creation of various spatial units. In the study area, we create spaces for children, plazas, walking paths, gardens, and a metal platform that leads to the riverbed. There is also a small cafeteria and Info Point.

The changeable boundary of the Kosynthos river was the main parameter that influenced the design. For this reason, we have created a spatial recession over the former limit and redefined the lines where water can reach. Terrestrial plantings and structures submerged and exposed according to river level integrate the variable element into the design. That leads to the diversity of landscape in every season. The main lanes, the plazas and the cafeteria are placed higher, while the large corten wall in the right part of the composition is an unapproachable boundary.

An important component of the design was the illumination tobe read as a whole with the rest of the composition. Thus, we place linear elements of light on the ground, but also hidden lighting at the bottom of the guardrails and benches. By that the illumination integrates with the main lines, highlighting them and follows their dynamics.