Bauhaus meets commons – hands on workshop


05OCT 2019
# TITLE: Bauhaus meets commons – hands on workshop
# STUDENTS: M.Loriti , I.Stouri, M.Krdabiki, A.Theodoroglou, V.Harlafti
# SUPERVISOR: Goethe-Institut Athen / LUDD Makerspace
# DATE: 2019

What makes a chair?

A chair’s functional quality begins and ends at its horizontal element, that which forms, in other words the seat.
Using Breuer’s original chair (Lattenstuhl) as a starting point we choose to design an addition to fill the seating’s void, using the technique and form of folding.
Two wooden beams (of a 28mm circular cross-section), connected with a malleable material are attached to Breuer’s compact and orthonormal canvas; they define the space which will bear the weight, they lock into place at crucial points of the construction and form the seating space - thereby, the chair.
The design of this light construction came as a result of the need to clash the austerity of the original model; from its suggested form to its materiality.
In order to subvert the sturdiness of this object, our suggestions play with the concepts of movement, plasticity and kitsch to express multiple scenarios.
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), silicone, rice paper, nails and plastic grass all bare attributes of mass aesthetics, while remaining uncanny concerning their functionality. In this way. the contrast on Breuer’s suggestion is an open and perpetual game which entices the user to quench his/her need: to add or subtract, to preserve or reject, to induce the change he/she has chosen him/herself, in an open-design object.
Besides, the creative dialogue of a user and an object is a part of his/her emancipation, it being the great challenge that Bauhaus introduced.