Wizarding London


26JUN 2019
# TITLE: Wizarding London
# STUDENTS: Vasilis Roidos
# SUPERVISOR: Polyxeni Mantzou
# DATE: 2018
# COURSE: Diploma Design Thesis
# SCHOOL / DEPARTMENT: Department of Architecture, Democritus University of Thrace

Nowadays, a wide range of our day-to-day activities is done digitally and our existence begins to expand beyond the boundaries of the physical space. At the same time, our experience in the urban environment begins to consist of multiple layers, through direct contact and through the mediation of digital technologies. This stratification that exists on the urban fabric allows the city to receive functions that were not possible in the past.

Wizarding London aspires to become a story in the three-dimensional urban space. It essentially proposes a different reading of the city of London, through a themed urban experience, based on narrative and interaction. A hybrid experience that combines digital and analogue space. A thematic park with rides and theme lands that exists simultaneously with the city, not only to a designated area as the conventional theme parks.

The visitor - player is invited to discover this world with the help of a printed map in combination with his/her smartphone. An app displays notifications on the players mobile phone, using the locative media technology, guiding him/her into the urban fabric. At the same time the smartphone acts as a ticket for the various areas and rides.

The story is organized in four thematic areas and four rides, which also suggest a way of moving between regions. The visitor has the ability to interact with elements of urban equipment in the public space, to board trains, buses and ships, as well as to enter specially designed buildings. Furthermore, additional structures, such as the Zip Line tower and an artificial island in the middle of the Thames River, support the overall experience, completing the citys image and acting as landmarks.

Finally, thematic restaurants and shopping stores, as well as a gift shop, supplement the above. Particular emphasis was placed on the possibility of creating a personalized digital interactive map with photos taken by the players during their wandering, thus taking a piece of the experience with them.