24APR 2019
# STUDENTS: Gousiopoulou Ioanna, Keridu Maria-Elpida
# SUPERVISOR: Gavrilou Evelyn
# DATE: 2019
# SCHOOL / DEPARTMENT: University of Thessaly, Department of Architecture

The subject of studio design was the revision of the void. The void constitutes an important role in the theory of architecture. Our goal was to detect circumstances of the void in different scales and practices, focusing on the relations that develop in the urban tissue.

Prompted by reading the book, Life, User’s Manual, by George Perec, where he introduces a situation in the stairwell of an apartment building in Paris, the portrayal of the situation can easily match with the greek polykatoikia. Though the staircase plays a very vital role in the life and the circulation of the tenants sometimes end up being neglected. It is a common space that has yet to bring the tenants closer.  Some early stages of communal life couldn’t even survive further than the landing of the stair. A space that nowadays is replaced by the elevator for a faster and more relaxed transportation.

Another void in the urban tissue is the rooftop.

According to the previous, we decided to active the space of the terrace and the staircase.

The goal was to take advantage of the stairs -in general- to create spatial and optical experiences.

The Smurf Village hosts student housing in the city of Volos. The houses are placed on the rooftop of three existing apartment buildings. The existing staircases lead to the blue village, where one can be lost through the blue and the stairs. An optical illusion between the users and the space. Up there, exists another world, a place to escape from the chaos of the city.

The idea behind the placement of the volumes comes from the tetris game. Placing forms from the game on the terraces and shaping them, emerge the volumes that finally make the houses, that can host 1 to 3 students. Then, stairs have been placed for everyone to have access to every area of the village. This way, no place is left inactive and the terraces that arise can be used as observatories of the city.

The second already existed building used to be abandoned. Now is the place that accommodates the commons. On the ground floor there is a library/study hall. The 1st floor hosts a gym and laundromat while the 2nd floor a kitchen and an open pool. The blue from the village washes over this polykatoikia making a connection with the city.