Municipal Theater and Music Center in Ierapetra


02APR 2019
# TITLE: Municipal Theater and Music Center in Ierapetra
# STUDENTS: Vlachou Zoe, Kouroupakis Malamatenia, Fasouliotis Claire
# SUPERVISOR: : Panos – Loukas Exarchopoulos, Americanou Eleni, Yiorgos Papagiannopoulos
# DATE: 2019
# COURSE: Diploma Design Thesis
# SCHOOL / DEPARTMENT: Democritus University of Thrace, Polytechnic School, Department of Architecture

This diploma thesis concerns the creation of a cultural center in Ierapetra, with emphasis on music-theatrical activities.This subject began on the occasion of all the artistic activities that take place annually in Ierapetra. Every year the city organizes the Pan-Hellenic Amateur Theater Festival. In addition, it has six theatrical groups, which are hosted in places - even in private homes - by their members due to their lack of facilities.

The creation of this center, combined with the large number of theatrical activities that take place annually in the city, will provide a core of culture in the area that will boost tourist and economic activity.


Building program

1. Theater Hall of 400 seats

2. Experimental Stage of 150 seats

3. Workshops theatrical, musical, dance

4. Library specialized for theatrical and musical study

5. Cafeteria

6. Restaurant

7. Exhibition space for periodical exhibitions

8. Administration

9. Parking

10. Auxiliary Theater Areas


First thoughts

The existence of schools in the area helps to highlight the building complex due to daily mobility. Our aim beyond the design of the theater and its facilities is the collaboration of the composition with the school complexes as much as possible through the use of the workshops.

The opening to the north and east of the site facilitated the entrance to the complex and the distribution of movements.

The altitude differences within the 4-meter plot helped us to integrate the large building blocks of the theaters and to create different levels of vitality in the public open space - a square we have planned.