Strange Things Workshop


14MAR 2018
# TITLE: Strange Things Workshop
# SUPERVISOR: Dr. Katerina Psegiannaki, Dr. Francisco García Triviño, Dr. Lara Sánchez Coterón

Things and users become inseparable, at times. Still, users often ignore this strange occurrence. In order to explore this extraordinary condition, Sindefin Research Group hosts the Strange Things Workshop. A series of lectures will introduce participants to the workshop’s theme. At the same time, participants will design a video game focusing on subjects, their things and their space.


The workshop will take place in ASFA’s Annex in the region of Zagori, Greece. Any student of architecture or arts may join. There is no participation fee.



Polyxeni Mantzou, Assoc. Prof. DUTh
Xenofon Bitsikas, Prof., Dean SFA UoI


Make Things Fast: Trust me, you are a gamemaker - Athina Giokarini, MArts candidate, Aalto University, Dipl. Architect DUTh

P(l)aying Attention to Things - Sofia Mitsigkola, Dipl. Architect DUTh, Research Associate in NCSR “Demokritos”, IIT, ISL lab


Short Lectures:

Free Things - Polyxeni Mantzou, Assoc. Prof. DUTh

Things That Matter -Xenofon Bitsikas, Prof., Dean SFA UoI

Sound and Acoustic Sketching - Dr. Aimilia Karapostoli, Adjunct Prof. DUTh

Settings As A Narrative Device - Dr. Dimitris Giouzepas, Adjunct Prof. DUTh

WTF is dat? - Ioannis Dedes, Ph.D. c. DUTh

Transcending Limits: Things and Bodies -Maria Nikoli, Ph.D. c. DUTh


No Participation Fee

Dates: 26th March - 29th March

Place: Athens School of Fine Arts’ Annex, Tsepelovo, Ioannina, Greece


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