Line house


10FEB 2018
# TITLE: Line house
# STUDENTS: Pikramenou Rania
# SUPERVISOR: Labrinopoulos K.
# DATE: 2017
# COURSE: Architecture design 03
# SCHOOL / DEPARTMENT: School of Architecture, University of Patras

The formation of coastline inspired us to create this house. The connection between the water and the beach gave us an imaginary line which separates liquid and solid element. This atmosphere adapts to the ground plan of the home by placing all areas of traffic on a wide corridor in the center of the composition and by separating the uses, placing the most private spaces on the north-eastern side, while living and kitchen areas are located southwest in almost different volumes. Except from the main entrance on the sea side, there is a second entrance which leads the visitor directly to the guesthouse – office. This creates a single traffic area in which a ramp and a stairway are placed along. The creation of facades is based on the installation of two large walls that define the central corridor, in addiction with the prisms where are projected diagonally, emphasizing their use to the visitor.