A floating platform: levitation in architecture


25DEC 2017
# TITLE: A floating platform: levitation in architecture
# STUDENTS: Anastasiou O.
# SUPERVISOR: Zisiz Kotionis
# DATE: 2017
# COURSE: Diploma Design Thesis
# SCHOOL / DEPARTMENT: Department of Architecture - University of Thessaly (Postgraduate program instead)

The tendency to show the ability of inhabiting the water element, as well as the exploration of the aquatic world, was the starting point for this research. Through an analysis and interpretation of floating objects, floating structures and floating programs, conclusions are drawn on the use of fluid mechanics in Architecture. Subsequently, a proposal to conquer water spreads through a strategic plan in the Aegean Archipelago. The sea is being treated as a new land, a receiver of urban life. A floating platform is playing the role of equilibrium of these opposing forces. Below or above this level, even inside the water, it is possible to develop many different structures with multiple uses and meanings. The buoyancy by liquid and gas pressure, as well as concepts such as fluidity, flotation, and variability, are key elements of the entire research. Finally, principles like recycling and low-tech construction are thought as crucial in our times.