Freeboards of an urban archipelago, intervening on the athenian terrace


23AUG 2017
# TITLE: Freeboards of an urban archipelago, intervening on the athenian terrace
# STUDENTS: Vlachoulis Konstantinos, Makridis Alexandros, Pappas Serafeim
# SUPERVISOR: Gavrilou Evelyn, Paniyiris Costis
# DATE: 2017
# COURSE: master thesis
# SCHOOL / DEPARTMENT: Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly

If we compare the interior part of the city as a the seabed, and flow of everyday life as the sea, which draws you away like a stream-wave and constantly moving you wherever its flow goes, then the roofs are the freeboards of an urban archipelago, that pop up over the city level, in which you can catch them and escape for a while.

The meaning of freeboards can be described, as the selective activation of some terraces, within the dense urban fabric, through the multiple typologies proposed as an initial impulse for the occupation of this new territory of this much needed air, defined by the ridge, and therefore the occupation of the Attic Basin.

Typologies are placed in rooftop chambers that meet specific requirements, following a specific strategy before we characterize them as freeboards. Typologies themselves are classified according to their program on the following categories: geomorphology, transport, roof-chamber, viewing, interactivity, holidaying and comment. They are also accompanied by characteristics such as: cover area, basic dimensions, main materials, indicative number of people, number of parts, seasonality and finally their need for water and electricity.

Such an intention cannot be applied at the narrow margins of a local area, because urban regions such as the one of Athens show similar characteristics and could therefore support a common, transportable, project. As a model for the implementation of the idea, the area of Neapolis, was selected because it is a piece of land with the urban geology that we are looking for.

Finally, cannot be determined with accuracy on how the city will embrace the freeboards, as we are talking about a completely unknown action, followed by an equally unknown reaction. In general, the character of the project focuses on the intent and the approach of the top side, rather than on its unitary solution. For this reason it leaves open pathways, to the majority of its parts, to every citizen-walker, supporter-dissident, spectator-voyeur.