Architecture and Videogames


12FEB 2017
# TITLE: Architecture and Videogames
# STUDENTS: Nikolaidou Vasiliki
# SUPERVISOR: Papadopoulos Spiros
# COURSE: Architecture and Videogames

In this course students aimed to use game engines to produce architectural spaces. Unreal Engine and RPG Maker VX Ace were the tools they used. With the first engine they used three-dimensional models of the region of Palaia in the city of Volos and they chose to operate an action there. The accumulation of objects, the user`s interaction with this digital environment and their transfer to various points of this region, either relevant to the height of the street or the houses` roofs, leads to the termination of the application.

In the second application, using the game engine RPG Maker VX Ace, students tried to transfer the city of Volos to the digital world, using new tiles that do not exist in the game`s asset library. These tiles were created in order to present the floor plan of the city in the most subtractive way, so that not only the basic axes of the city are easy to understand but other special elements as well, such as the church of Saint Nikolaos and the University that exists in the north coast of the city. The user interacts with the environment in which they are placed, so that they can terminate the game in the end of this route, which is the Saint Constantine square in the east border of the map.