Nomadic Architecture Mechanisms in Anime


24NOV 2016
# TITLE: Nomadic Architecture Mechanisms in Anime
# STUDENTS: Zoumaki Maria
# SUPERVISOR: Mantzou Polyxeni, Anastasiou Maria, Grigoriadou Maria
# DATE: 2016
# COURSE: Research Thesis
# SCHOOL / DEPARTMENT: Democritus University of Thrace / School of Architecture

The lecture deals with the relation of nomadic architecture with Japanese anime. The survey consists of three modules which are intended to answer the following suggestionsQ Why nomadic architecture, and how does the nomadic life fits in modern man? Why is Japanese anime selected as a research field for nomadic architecture and how the design of their mechanisms relates to us architects? What conclusions can we draw through the handling of the designers of Japanese anime and what conclusions can we reach in relation t our own reality?