The Sketch on the several aspects of Art and Architecture


02NOV 2016
# TITLE: The Sketch on the several aspects of Art and Architecture
# STUDENTS: Palaiothodoros Nikolaos – Marios, Kotsailidi Evangelia - Anna
# SUPERVISOR: Papaioannou Tasis
# DATE: 2016
# COURSE: Research Thesis
# SCHOOL / DEPARTMENT: NTUA School of Architecture

The word sketch comes from the Italian word `schizzo`, which goes back to the Latin word `schedium`. `Schedium` was derived from the ancient Greek word `σχέδιος`, which means `temporary`, `rough` and `improvised`. This etymology, concentrates in three words the whole term meaning that analyzed below. The word `rough`, demonstrates the feeling coming from the image of a sketch, irrespective of the complexity of the process that this picture hides. Simultaneously the word `temporary`, represents the flash thoughts that are being created in the mind. Furthermore, the word `improvised` is associated with the creativity and the ability of the person, to reflect the above thoughts on paper, something that as it can be seen, comes through spontaneous gestures and not especially predetermined decisions.

This research work, presents the sketch and how it operates and finds application on the several aspects of Art. It is trying to highlight the special features that make the role and use of the sketch special in each artistic sector, and also to approach it as a primary process of thought and expression of the human brain. Through this approach, we are studying both the architectural sketch and the sketch of other artists, in order to find out the similarities and the differences that this particular representational way of expression may have. As a part of this work, we considered important to look for and record the emotions and the expressions that are being created in artists and architects, while they are sketching. For this reason, a discussion annex has been devised after interviewing them and this forms the base of this research work. Our purpose is to display the sketch as a simple instrument through which everyone has the opportunity not only to present his job, but also to express his ideas and his inner thoughts.