Ho(me): Tracing the Self


09MAY 2016
# TITLE: Ho(me): Tracing the Self
# STUDENTS: Georgina Andrei
# SUPERVISOR: Pamela Flanagan- Thomai Pneumonidou
# DATE: 2016
# COURSE: Ερευνητική εργασία
# SCHOOL / DEPARTMENT: School of Design , Interior Design , Glasgow School of Art

#τεύχος: link

Ho(me): Tracing the Self The initial attempt was to find answers to questions like `how to find a way to feel more like `home` in the new unfamiliar environments? `, or `What `home` really means?`. But as the research was evolving, the context was deepening and shifting towards other directions, `flying` to more abstract fields, being a step closer to the core of the subject. That was my scope, to analyze the profound meaning of homeness. This project, is about how the `home` might be or look like if it was a space; the interior space of our interiority; an illustrated brief story about how from home we can reach ourselves; something like a diagrammatic fairytale representation of the miniaturizing home. Maybe because in fairytales, houses are never just houses; they are symbols, quasi-anthropomorphic, containing secrets and dreams and this is my exploration.