Malacca Up-cycled Art Gallery


26FEB 2016
# TITLE: Malacca Up-cycled Art Gallery
# STUDENTS: Sho Kai Jun
# SUPERVISOR: Mr. Fadzil and Ms. Sakinah
# DATE: 2015
# COURSE: 2nd year in Bachelor of Science in Architecture
# SCHOOL / DEPARTMENT: Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


In the current architecture trend sustainability has become a compulsory feature in the design approach. However with the lack of regulations and limitations many still fail to see the important of `going green`. Nowadays a lot of people still do not know how to reuse or recycle the materials which are possible to be done so and even do not know how to reduce the impact to the environment.


This up-cycled art gallery which is located in Malacca city is built to increase the awareness of public and show the journey of how actually the materials which we called them as `rubbish` could become an art piece eventually.

The Malacca arts which are going to be exhibited inside the gallery are made by the recycled materials. This is why we called it as `up-cycled art` because we not only recycle it but also try to upgrade it into other new products for example like up-cycled Malacca furniture or up-cycled Malacca fashion.

The visitors would realize that how important of recycle in their life and they would also can understand what is the beauty of up-cycled art.

The building itself is also tend to become a sustainable building. For example the materials that are going to be used in the building are recycled materials or low carbon materials to reduce the impact to the environment. With the other green features for example the rainwater harvesting and solar voltage applied in this building make this building eventually become a healthy space.


The concept of this gallery is the journey which means a path or so called a process of how a recycled material from rubbish could eventually become an art piece. This concept could also increase the awareness of recycle and reuse the materials and how to make it become an up-cycled art of something else which is more meaningful. There is a small scale of recycle center in the gallery provides a space for public to sell their recycled materials and they could also learn how to do the up-cycled art in this gallery...

The recycled art portraits which are exhibiting inside are actually done by the public so that everyone has a chance to exhibit their own work but the only rule is the art must be done by the recycled materials. All the frame of the arts are with different dimensions and shapes. The candidates could actually choose the best shape which most suitable for them. Below the glass are all the recycled materials to give the awareness of reuse and recycle to the public.

1. What`s the most important aspect of this project that we should be aware of?

- The design intention of this project is giving the awareness to public about the important of reuse, recycle, reduce and also rethink about the materials which are surrounding us and how to reduce the environmental impact.

2. What other fields outside of architecture interest you?

- I am also interested in mechatronic field and always think how to apply the kinetic knowledge in architecture. I believe that public will always attracted by the kinetic architecture because they are very interesting.

3. Most important thing you learned in architecture school?

-The most important thing that I had learned in architecture school is thinking out of the box because in this field you can`t too far without imagination and great mind.

4. Describe your dream project?

-I always like to focus in green and sustainable architecture and I will always attracted by those futuristic green design for example floating garden or green Utopia city. So in future I would like to design a green Utopia city in Malaysia. If possible, I would like to design a wonderful floating green city in Malaysia or any other country.