Samuel Beckett - The Lost Ones | An Interpretation of Space


05FEB 2016
# TITLE: Samuel Beckett - The Lost Ones | An Interpretation of Space
# STUDENTS: Maria Nikoli
# SUPERVISOR: Polyxeni Mantzou
# DATE: 2014-2015
# COURSE: Architectural Design
# SCHOOL / DEPARTMENT: University of Thrace / Faculty of Engineering / School of Architecture

Beckett`s short story takes place in an imaginary abode, an enormous, nightmarish structure: a cylinder no one can escape. The cylinder is meticulously described by its creator in terms of dimensions, materials and the like. It is, in fact, described so accurately that a mere representation of it would be pointless. This is why the interpretation of space was so important in this project; one unique interpretation for every type of character in the cylinder, according to their physical and mental traits. Equally important was the choice of media. I rejected the use of traditional architectural sight-centered media (plans, sections, 3d models) because of their lack of subjective qualities. Media like these offer the watchful gaze of Panoptes or God Himself; the designer is automatically an outsider, a supervisor, and because of that he is unable to achieve any form of interpretation.