KAM17 workshop-Mockups


20SEP 2014
# TITLE: KAM17 workshop-Mockups
# STUDENTS: rchontia Kyroudi, Julia Leventopoulou, Georgia Pantidis Katerina Papadioti, Elena Chatzilari Dimitra Christoforidis, Chryssanthi Anogiati Nikos Kouklakis Prokopis Maragakis, Win Maragoudaki, Isidora Arvanitis Eirini Doumani-Cork, Lydia Antoniou, Stella Avgoustidou Sophia Tectonidis, Orestes Kaklamanis , Konstantina Lazaridou, Fotini Mermigas, Irene Afentouli, Efimia Lianou, Tina Marinaki, Anna Axapopoulou, Elisavet Perigiozoglou, Nikos Sampaziotis, Isminis Chrysochou
# DATE: 2014


The KAM workshop annual summer workshop in Chania will have this year`s MOCKUPS theme: it takes place every year at the Megalos Arsenali in Chania from 17 to 23 August at the Venetian harbor.

The CAM summer architecture workshops are held this year for the thirteenth consecutive year bringing together the five different architectural schools in Greece and the Cyprus School. The summer workshops include architects, visual artists, sociologists, political scientists, academics and students who work together on cutting-edge issues of architecture.

The in situ 2014 Laboratory: MOCKUPS COUNTRY DETERMINATIONS, focuses on the ability of architecture to produce model spaces that are not organized as a final result but as a test. In these spaces for the needs of the workshop are the studio spaces or even specially designed spaces for photographs or for other representations. Areas that consciously refer to the impression of a next reality than the one in which they participate, the mockups are made to present spatial conditions or constructions which are to be done, and somehow test the real condition. Consciously, they already show something final but with no definitive way, they organize constructions or reference sites for situations that do not yet exist. They have scenographic logic but seek a final representation of a peculiar final impression of the real. In the architecture they serve to test some building excerpts of buildings. In the workshop, such spaces will be presented as directories of the next, while the participants will produce representations and models of such spaces.

The workshop invokes the spaces of mockups for their special, intermediate relationship with the real ones and especially because in the transnational age architecture is increasingly being forced to manage spaces in this interim treaty. For the particular research of the laboratory, scenography practices such as those of the percussion are tested, while extracts from Plato and Adolfo Bio Cassares are examined in an attempt to organize some constructions referring to the concept of simulation. Interestingly, it focuses on the city of Chania, and in particular the excerpts of the wall that spread through the urban fabric. Different pieces of the wall are selected and prepared to receive the performance of a spatial rehearsal.

The workshop is co-organized by KEPPADIK KAM and the Syndicate of Architecture. Aristophanes Anthony (Director of the Graduate Program of the University of Thessaly), Stavros Vergopoulos (Associate Professor of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and Heike Schuppelius (Professor at ZKM Karlsruhe) co-opted.

Double Moon
In the circular bastion of Nea Chora, a rail is installed allowing for an attached battery lamp to be pulled. In the night the visitor follows the route of the rail using this light. During this path he encounters four minimal settings. At the end of the spiral path, on top of the bastion, he encounters a second circular light and its reflection on a horizontal water surface. Arxontia Kyroudi, Ioulia Leventopoulou, Georgia Pantidou

Link doubleMoon

Inhabited Model
A large model of the city of Chania that does not follow any real scale, but the experiential imprint of it, is built on the platform of San Salvatore. The working group examined the structure`s dimensions on-site, using rope and plastic poles. Elena Chatzilari, Dimitra Christoforidi, Katerina Papadioti

Link inhabited model

The ladder and the screen
Two minimal theatrical stages are organized in two recesses of the Venetian wall. Using a sheet and a metallic ladder, the narrative of Plato`s cave is enacted in this trivial view of the wall. Chrysanthi Anogiati, Nikos Kouklakis, prokopis Maragkakis, Niki Maragkoudaki

Derive Apparatus
A device carried by spectators in this peculiar game allows for the participation in a performance that uses the city as a theatrical stage. The spectators become a part of it, as an ambiguous attraction for the passerby. Isidora Arvaniti, Irene Doumani-Korka

Reverse stair
From a specific observation point, the view of a stairway that leads to a cavernous space of the wall is distorted by the introduction of an inverted perspective plan. Lydia Antoniou, Stella Avgoustidou, Sofia Tektonidou

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Bubble Wrap Street
Translucent screens made of bubble wrap are installed in an alley that ends to the old wall. The same material is used to wrap selected objects that organize smaller settings (/spaces). The street is tested as the scene of a theatrical show where the spectators are gradually directed towards the fragment of the wall. Orestis Kaklamanis, Konstantina Lazaridou, Photini Mermyga

Link bubblewrapstreet

A fragment of the Venetian wall in Minoos Street is used as the background for a potential performance. The installation includes a small backstage space behind the wall. The frame created by this heavy screen is prepared to receive staged events, such as the making of a chair, the climb to the top of the wall or a peculiar procession of people. Each act takes place along with a temporary traffic interruption and a special lighting of the area. Irini Afentouli, Eyfimia Lianou, Tina Marinaki

Link Diorama

Mirror Chasm
The staged transition from a parking lot to the inner yard of a block is organized as an expanded theatrical threshold. A still water surface serves as a mirror that evokes a feeling of levitation. A suspended lightweight structure allows the passerby to ascend as his reflection is descending. Anna Axaopoulou, Elissavet Pertigkiozoglou

Distant Storm
In the bastion of San Salvatore some parts of the ground are covered with sheets of reflective material. The visitors experience an augmented condition that includes the amplified sound of the sea and the strong wind. The high walls block the view to the sea, this intervention however allows for the visitor to experience it in an extreme state, by means of sounds and reflections. Ismini Chrysochoou, Nikos Sampaziotis

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