Arduino & Processing Interfaces Workshop


25FEB 2014
# TITLE: Arduino & Processing Interfaces Workshop
# STUDENTS: Chatzicharalampous S.
# DATE: 2014

A fishbowl. Inside a golden fish going around two electrodes. Outside a small screen asking you whether you have fully understood what is going to happen. If you choose yes, 2 buttons for 30 seconds become operative. By pressing the first one, ripples are projected on the surface of the water following the movement of the fish. With the other one, the circuit closes and electrical current, efficient to kill the fish passes through the electrodes.
You choose.
The act is the same. You just press a button. But is the act that satisfies you or the outcome of it? Would you kill a fish just because you can? Before you couldn`t? If there wasn`t such a button would such a thought arise in your mind? You wanted so and you couldn`t or the desire arouse along with the given choice? The first button satisfies you enough now? You act one way until you are allowed to act the other? The responsibility lies with you, who have the choice of your actions, or with the one who gave you that choice? What if nothing is true? Is it worth the risk to satisfy your curiosity? Is it bothering you? Does the button or the fishbowl bother you? If there was something else rather than a fish, if you were alone, would you think different?
Do you go fishing?
During the first public presentation of the project, the use of the second button was prohibited. It wasn`t sure that the button would perform the specified task as the creator didn`t want to experiment in order to ensure its effectiveness. Nevertheless though, the elimination of its function cancels the intention of the project to give the freedom of choice to the person itself and set him/her before the genuine impact of his/her choices. The aim was not to create another virtual reality where everything happens inside the illusion of security. Now it stands covered and unplugged.
The project wanted to demonstrate the way a person acts when given complete freedom. The prohibition revealed not only an existing prejudiced fear of the possible irregularity of the individual within such circumstances but also the easy way of the deprivation of liberty in order something like that to be avoided. One piece of cloth is enough to keep overlooking our nature. Now that the fish in front of our eyes was saved we can return to our daily routine.