13NOV 2019
# STUDENTS: Ntaountaki E. Stavroulaki N.
# SUPERVISOR: Skoutelis Nikolaos
# DATE: 2019
# COURSE: Diploma Design Thesis
# SCHOOL / DEPARTMENT: School of Architecture, National Technical University of Crete

Favignana, or Aegousa, according to Homer, belongs to the Aegadian Islands and is located in the south of Sicily. It is a small, barren and mainly flat island, with the exception of a series of hills separating it in the middle. Favignana faced  many conquerors and became known as a place of prison and exile. Today there is a desire for the island to be redefined as a cultural center.

Until the 1970s, tuna fishing was the main occupation of the island, but today the economy is based almost exclusively on tourism, while the primary and secondary sector have been neglected. There are few crops of wheat, olive groves and vineyards, but there are no processing facilities.

This diploma thesis focuses on the study and design of an oenological center, which includes a winery and a wine-making school. The aim is to create jobs outside of tourism and the development of a healthy local economy, integrated into a wider cultural context.

The center of the island is located between the urban fabric and the rocky top of the island, where the Santa Caterina fortress can be found. Along with the buildings, that are proposed to be designed, a vineyard of 50 ha is organized, where local varieties will be grown.

 In particular, the proposal is to create:

-        - an open learning school, which can host educational and training programs, conferences and events related to wine and

-        - wine-making establishments, accessible to the public and managed by staff and students of the school. The facilities will be capable of taking up also the production of the already existing organized vineyard in the area.

This complex will be the center of a cultural route, beginning from  the port of the island to the historic fortress. It will be a link between city and countryside; a space-capacitor of various activities that will be open throughout the year and will appeal both to residents and visitors of the island.