Ho(me): Tracing the Self

#τίτλος εργασίας: Ho(me): Tracing the Self
#φοιτητική ομάδα: Georgina Andrei 
#επιβλέποντας: Pamela Flanagan- Thomai Pneumonidou
#χρονολογία: Οκτώβριος 2016
#μάθημα: Ερευνητική εργασία
#σχολή / τμήμα: School of Design , Interior Design , Glasgow School of Art
#τεύχος: link

Ho(me): Tracing the Self
The initial attempt was to find answers to questions like ‘how to find a way to feel more like “home” in the new unfamiliar environments? ’, or ‘What “home” really means?’. But as the research was evolving, the context was deepening and shifting towards other directions, ‘flying’ to more abstract fields, being a step closer to the core of the subject. That was my scope, to analyze the profound meaning of homeness. This project, is about how the ‘home’ might be or look like if it was a space; the interior space of our interiority; an illustrated brief story about how from home we can reach ourselves; something like a diagrammatic fairytale representation of the miniaturizing home. Maybe because in fairytales, houses are never just houses; they are symbols, quasi-anthropomorphic, containing secrets and dreams and this is my exploration.

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