Modernism Memorial _ A Funerary Monument for the Death of Modernism. Q&A Announcement

Modernism Memorial _ A Funerary Monument for the Death of Modernism. Q&A Announcement.

We are so excited to realize that so many of you are interested in the 'Modernism Memorial' competition!!! We have put together a list of Q&A submitted by the participants which are stated bellowWith the submission deadline being November 15th, there is still time to join in!


1.How can one get the 6 digit number to label his/her/their submission? 

The characteristic 6-digit participation code will be selected by the participants themselves as a combination of numbers according to their choice. This code will represent their entry and will be used by them to name the files according to the competition brief.

The submitted  material must be compressed into a .RAR file, which will be named after the characteristic six-digit participation code displayed as shown below:


The folder must include five (5) files named after the 6-digit participation code as shown below:



2.Is it possible for graduates to join the competition?

All students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) in architecture and related fields, as well as architects who had recently obtained their degree (after 01/01/2015) are eligible to participate in the competition as individual authors or as a team.

3.How do you define 'students'? Are PhD students eligible to participate?

Students in architecture and related fields (undergraduate, postgraduate or even PhD students) are eligible to participate in the competition as individual authors or as a team.

4.Should the monument be placed in a specific area? If so, Where?
   Or, is it upon the participants to decide where to place it?

The competition encourages all kinds of design approaches, ranging from conceptual, artistic or mere architectural design ones). This means that there is no given site or program for the memorialAs stated in the competition brief, ''Memorials can be as simple as a potted plant, as intricate as a war memorial, and everything in between''. Taking into consideration the appearance of even online memorials in the late 90’s, the participants are free to choose a site, if wanted, and the medium that describes best their idea!

5.In case of participating as a group/team, is it necessary for all participants to be students? 

All participants must be students (under or post-graduate, master or PhD) or architects that have recently obtained their degree after 01/01/15, as stated above.

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